Text 17 Aug 17 notes Granny panties

I love to wear granny panties. I hate thongs. I can’t remember the last time I wore a thong. If it comes to the point that I have to wear a thong I just don’t wear any panties at all. If I had my choice, granny panties would be what I would wear every day. It pretty much is. I am one sexy beast with granny panties. When I’m at the store, and I see a man looking at me, I’m thinking to myself yeah I’m wearing those granny panties you think are so unattractive.

  1. thecpm said: NO!!! Not granny panties!!!!!!
  2. alienmeatsack said: LOL. I always wear comfortable over stylish when it comes to undies. I don’t see the point in being stylish if I am the only one who sees them. :D
  3. grannnypanties posted this

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